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Dolomites of Bolzano: geography, communities, traditions, history

The Residence A Val is situated in the municipality of San Cassiano, in the area known as the Dolomites of Bolzano (the other Dolomites are the Dolomites of Trentino and the Dolomites of Veneto). In the area of the Dolomites of Bolzano there are many well-known locations: the Val Gardena, the Val Badia, the Valle di Braies, the Valle di Landro and the Valle d'Ega. People living here come from a medley of three different ethnic groups: Italians, Germans and Ladins. Although German is the dominant language, the communication does not represent a problem since people here know Italian well and road signs are written in 3 different languages. Here, the Ladin culture is very strong and well-established: everywhere you can find yourself in front of an old man wearing a traditional dress, or even attend a parade which celebrates customs and traditions of the Ladin community.

The most beautiful place where you can enjoy the beauty of the Dolomites of Bolzano is the Natural Park Fanes-Sennes-Braies; its southern borders reach the municipality of San Cassiano. Cima Dieci, Cima Nove, Monte Cavallo and Cima Cunturines are some of the mountains that can be visited on walk or by real climbing inside this park. From the same area of the Alto Adige, there is the city of Bolzano, cultural centre full of offers, chances for leisure time and trade activities, with a fantastic proposal of museums, clothing stores, art exhibitions and much more.

Only 30 kilometres away from here there is Cortina d'Ampezzo (Veneto Region), also called the "Queen of the Alps" for its incredible location, for the celebrities connected to it and for the lively vitality which pervades this locality. Here, the word Dolomites is also synonym of Cadore, a historic region which includes different mountain locations, admired for its various attractions, from Lake Misurina ("the pearl of the Dolomites") to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, from Pian dei Buoi to the Monte Antelao, up to the river Piave, the symbol of the Great War as well as of stormy past times which left several traces in these mountains. And the adventure goes on...

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